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What is NetFaresOnline.com?

NetFaresOnline.com is North Americas #1 travel agent booking portal with fares and hotels from over 10 different Consolidators and Tour Operators from the USA and Canada. This is the same content that will be displayed on your B2C as marked up by you. Used by thousands of agents daily Netfaresonline is the perfect place to book consolidator hotels and airfares for your clients.

Why do I need a booking engine on my website?

Adding a booking engine to your website is like having a 24/7 representative that can quote and book travel for any customer anywhere in the world.

What if I don't have a website?

No Problem. We have web hosting services where you can have the booking engine with additional pages where you can display news items, contact information and other details about your company and its services*.

Do I have to install any software or new hardware?

No. Your booking engine is hosted on Openfares robust servers where all maintenance and upgrades are handled by Openfares.

Can I have multiple Booking Engines?

Yes. Each additional booking engine can be installed at a reduced monthly rate.

Can I create a Booking Engine to be accessed exclusively by my corporate clients?

Yes. You can create a business travel engine with secure access for a large corporate client*.

How many airlines will my engine offer?

Your booking engine will offer over 280 airlines and we are adding new ones regularly.

How many hotels will my engine offer?

Your booking engine will offer over 530,000 hotels and we are adding new ones regularly .

Can I change the colors the booking engine displays?

Yes. You can change all of the colors on the website.

Can the booking engine display in languages besides English?

Yes. Currently your booking engine is available in English & French.

Can I add my company logo to the booking engine?

Yes. You can upload an image file of your logo to be displayed.

Will my domain name be displayed in the browsers address bar?

For those who would like to display their current domain name (ie.book.mytravelagency.com) we will need to alter your current DNS settings*.

Will I need to do any programming?

When we send you your booking engine link you will only have to copy and paste it into your web page. If you are not familiar with how to do this we have support staff standing by to assist.

Where do the airfares and hotel rates come from?

All of the airfares and hotel rates come from the travel agent booking portal NetFaresOnline.com where over 35 Air and Land consolidators distribute their products.

Can I choose which consolidators to display?

Yes. In your booking engine configuration you can turn suppliers on and off.

Who controls what I make with each booking?

You control all markups and can set them as a flatrate or a percentage.

Can I cancel my B2C and Netfaresonline account ?

Yes, you can cancel your account by providing 90 days notice via email to info@netfaresonline.com.

Do I need to be an IATA member?

No. This service is available to any approved travel agency.

Can I sell published fares?

Yes. If you are registered with a GDS you can sell your own published fares and add your own service fee to the fares.

Can I display currencies besides USD and CAD?

Yes. You are able to display your products in any currency you wish at the conversion rate you wish.

Where will tickets be delivered?

The tickets will be delivered to you and you deliver them to your client.

How is payment processed?

Credit card payments are processed by the suppliers.

Do I need to be affiliated with a GDS?

No. The booking engine is available to any approved travel agency and you do not need to be associated with any agents associations.

Do I have to pay a setup fee?

There are no setup fees unless you want published fares from and booked on your own GDS then there is a setup fee of $450.

Are there any booking fees associated with the booking engine?

Yes. Please contact info@netfaresonline.com for details.

Can I cancel my B2C and Netfaresonline account ?

Yes, you can cancel your account by providing 90 days notice via email to info@netfaresonline.com.

*fees may apply for additional services. Please contact a Netfaresonline representative if you hae any questions at: info@netfaresonline.com.